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There are a range of flights from UK airports on varying days.
Most flights are with EasyJet, British Airways or RyanAir.



Short national and European flights
only, Central in Puglia and 45 minutes
drive North-East of the Wedding venue.
UK flights to/from Bristol, Gatwick,
Stansted, Manchester



Short National and European flights
only, located in the north of Puglia, 80
minutes drive North-West of the
wedding venue. UK flights, Stansted only.



Large International Airport, 5 hours
drive north-west of Puglia. UK flights
from almost all international airports.
Many flights meeting Brisbane and
Gold Coast routes, including Abu
Dhabi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Doha,
Beijing, Bangkok, LA, Miami, New York
JFK & Newark. Also then flies internally
to Bari and Brindisi airports in Puglia.

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Fly with Andrius & Zoe

As soon as we book our flights we will add the information here in case you want to fly with us.

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