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Masseria Angiulli Piccolo

Masseria Angiulli Piccolo is a lovingly-restored vineyard property from the 18th Century. It is surrounded by vines and hundreds of ancient olive groves and is located in the centre of Puglia, Italy's heel between Taranto and Brindisi. The property is five minutes from the small village of Grottaglie, world-famous for its ceramic centre and grape production.

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40°33'49.6"N 17°22'41.9"E

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How to reach Masseria Angiulli Piccolo

By car from Lecce / Brindisi: 

Take the main road to Brindisi and continue for about 60 km in the direction of Taranto on the SS 7 until exit Grottaglie. The third and last exit Grottaglie. From here follow the signs to the center Grottaglie, about 300 meters to the square The Monumento dei Caduti, then take a left towards Martina Franca and follow the street XXV July (SP71) for about 5 km until you find a sign Blue with Masseria Angiulli, turn left and after about 1 km you arrive.

By car from Rome/Bari

From Rome, take highway A1 in direction Naples. It takes about 2 to 2.30 hour before you reach the Naples area. From here you have two choices: Continue on the A16 and A 14 in the direction Bari- Taranto, exit highway Taranto and then keep direction Lecce / Brindisi / Grottaglie on SS 7. This is the most common way to take. Passing

Taranto follow you direction Grottaglie / Brindisi / Lecce on SS 7 until exit Grottaglie / Grottaglie airport.

From here follow signs to the city Grottaglie, about 300 meters to the square The Monumento dei Caduti, then turn left towards Martina Franca and follow the street XXV July (SP71) for about 5 km until you find a sign Blue with Masseria Angiulli, turn left and after about 1 km you arrive.

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